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The Power Vested In Me

This past weekend I officiated a wedding-vow renewal ceremony. It was my first. I only became certified two months ago to be able to officiate marriages.

I have wanted to do this for a very long time. Why did I wait so long? I don’t know, but it does serve as a good lesson for me to not procrastinate on other things I am passionate about.

Wade couldn’t imagine, and questioned why I would ever want to do such a thing. My reply to him was, “Because it’s always a happy occasion and it’s wonderful to be part of that.” Also, it is a new avenue for my writing, creating unique and personalized ceremonies for each couple. What fun, writing about love!

A funny sidebar is that I did write a marriage ceremony for a relative years ago. However, the Justice of the Peace was so drunk he totally screwed up the entire ceremony. Even more reason for me to take on the role myself.

One thing that was delightful about this first ceremony was that I’ve known the bride since her birth. She is my goddaughter, though we’d not been close in her adult life. I was honored to be asked and so delighted to get reconnected.

We collaborated and I wrote for them a lovely, personalized ceremony which honored their 20 years of marriage and celebrated their commitment to each other anew.

Though vow renewals are not legal ceremonies, I did include the phrase, “By the power vested in me. . . “, which, yes, was kind of thrilling to hear myself say.

What I hadn’t thought about ahead of time was one of the most fun and wonderful parts of the experience. It was seeing the whole thing from a new perspective, in literally standing on the other side of the event from where one normally is.

Instead of being a guest, I was facing the guests and right there with the couple so that I could experience them, their expressions and reactions so clearly. That was pure joy and a "simply inspiring perspective" that I hope to enjoy often.

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