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Every new life has the potential to make life new. 

"It was like I was there on your journey as well as Nora's, and what an amazing journey it was and is. You have the most incredible gift with words."

"I couldn’t put it down."

 "I can't describe the feelings that swelled up inside of me as I read." 

"Your book and it is RIVETING and enthralling."  

 "I have just finished reading your book. What a beautiful job you did in relating both the pain and beauty you experience in your relationship with Nora.  I do believe in miracles and I absolutely believe that you have one."


From visions of a dream-come-true to the unimaginable nightmare of epilepsy and radical brain surgery at five months old, Nora’s story entwined with her grandmother’s is one of love, transformation, awakening and perspective.

It reminds us that every new life can make life new. It is the supreme affirmation that we’re never too young or old to become who we were meant to be.  

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