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I Might Offend You

I work hard every day to find my own positive perspective. However, when it comes to politics, I am casting a vote against the people who, I feel, taint social media with their political opinions. Especially those who attempt to prove they are “right”; the real keepers of the “truth”; keepers of “the real truth” or the “whole story”; or the authorities on thinking “the right way”. People who think that others who don’t agree with their choice of candidate are stupid, dumb, wrong, duped or misinformed. The fear mongers and the people who are sure they need to “educate” the rest of us.

Yes, I know I can unfriend them or suppress posts. Right now I skim the feed and ignore them (as this too shall pass, but it is painful).

I’d like to offer another perspective to consider (actually reconsider).

It used to be (yes, I am old) that politics was one of the subjects to be avoided in social settings. Why? Was it because we were repressed or too polite back then? In a way, maybe, but here’s another perspective and why I think it still has some merit because after all, Social Media is social.

Political choices are always personally motivated. Duh, I know, right? But have you ever really thought about it? What I realize from my own, and how they have changed; and from every conversation I have ever had about politics with other consenting adults who can share in a respectful and civilized manner, is that the roots of are choices are highly personal, as personal as our sex lives, finances, race, religion or faith. Think about your own political views, where do they come from? We vote based on our deepest beliefs, and we typically won’t vote for the good of the whole if it works against our own.

We see our candidates through the filtered lens of our life experiences. From that perspective, I marvel at what makes anyone think that their unsolicited opinion has any merit to anyone else, or that another person’s choice is fair game for their rhetoric.

Seriously, when was the last time you were successful in changing another person’s beliefs?

I think if someone asks for your opinion, that’s an invitation to have the conversation. We can learn a lot by listening with an open mind. I do think it’s difficult to have meaningful conversations on social media. I think people who generate inflammatory posts aren't looking for meaningful conversation.

I admit I haven’t investigated, but are there Facebook groups or other social media segments where people can find liked-minded people who love these exchanges? That would be awesome. Then, assumedly, everyone could engage in an experience that suits them.

Actually, that just gave me a great idea! I do see this election as a time of exciting opportunity. I think I will create a website or Facebook page where people, who are leaving the country when their candidate doesn’t win, can post items they are selling. I am thinking January will be a good time to buy a home. The inventory will be plenty and prices will be at an all-time low (though it’s too soon to tell about the interest rates).

Happy voting to all.

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