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The Winner Is

Thank you to all of you who voted for your choice for the book’s cover design. Thanks, too, to those who also emailed me to share additional comments about the designs.

A very special thanks to all who pre-ordered books. Thank you for your support. It means more than you could imagine.

The cover design vote tallies were so close. There was not one cover that won by a landslide. I believe, as I always have, it is because Kim Barron is an amazing designer.

The winning cover, by a very small margin, is #4. So here we go!

You can see the design implemented in the radio station's marketing piece (below). We pre-recorded my interview for Monday’s episode of Triangle Spotlight. Every Monday, they feature authors. My book, This is Grief, was chosen for its grief theme, as Monday is Grief Awareness Day.

The interview will air at noon on Monday, August 30th, on (Florida’s WQBQ 1410-AM ) or online at

Special website listening instructions:

DO NOT click the arrow in the center of the screen. Use the arrow on the top of the screen in the menu or on the right that says LISTEN. When you hover over it, the arrow will turn red. Click it, when the white arrow appears click that to stream the show.

The interview will also be podcasted starting Wednesday on all the major podcast platforms under-

We did the interview via zoom, so when I get the recording, it will be on my website.

Thanks again for your support! My publish date is set for Monday, too.

P.S. I took a walk this morning in the park, and a small group of geese on the beach did their Flash Mob takeoff just for me. A sign I think.


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