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Post Traumatic Growth is way that traumatic events can catalyze positive life changes.

It happened to me when my granddaughter Nora was born. Through her first 15 months of life-defining illness and brain surgeries, I stood by my daughter and slept at Nora's crib side. The experience was life changing. It catalyzed my own personal awakening, awareness and authorship. All as a result of Post Traumatic Growth.

Realizations and growth have led me to the mission of this blog and speaking about how a positive change in perspective, when life is stressful, can change your feelings, thoughts and physiology.

I have come to realize that most any change we choose to make begins with a change in perspective. I now strive daily to find the best perspective in any given situation. The benefits are immeasurable.

Sharing my experiences, thoughts and research, I hope to inspire others to consider trying on different perspectives, and discovering the emotional relief that results.

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