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I Am Being Framed

I love puns and what I just realized is that it’s the dual or multiple meanings of the words, the play on words, that makes it so easy to realize, shift and enjoy the play of perspective. Bonus for me, more material for the book I am writing and the talks I am crafting about the power of perspective.

As you might have already guessed, “framed” refers to the pictured award certificate. It’s a “win” for this very blog. Congratulations to you, you have chosen to read an award-winning blog.

I’d like to say the Connecticut Press Club just found my blog, but I had to enter their contest. I was required to submit two representative blog posts. The merit of each would be evaluated alone and then within the context of the theme of the blog. It wasn’t easy to choose from “my darlings”. I had to think about it from the club’s perspective (always know your audience). What would show breadth and continuity of concept? I chose the post, A Question of Honor, about the anniversary of the Newtown shooting and my Nora-inspired post, About Face.

I forgot about the whole thing until I got the email announcement. I won! Yes, I am proud and invigorated. What’s most significant for me is to know that doing what I love put me on the right path to satisfaction and the future. I hope you will come along.

I am in the process of re-branding and redoing my websites and blog into one site, It’s not ready yet, but the picture that is me is soon to be re-framed as “Speaker, Author, Writer.” I am on a mission to show anyone who will listen that there’s power in perspective. That might be the name of the new book. Thoughts?

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