Dying on the Vine

As a child, I remember discovering my dislike of houseplants. My impression formed when visiting others’ homes, where I cringed at the sight of dirty clay pots crammed onto windowsills. Worse than that was the time-yellowed and water-stained layers of newspaper the owners had placed under them to sop up sloppy waterings or catch overflow. When I finally had a home of my own, I don’t know why, I took a stab at keeping one or two plants, until the fatality of my over-watered cactus re-affirmed it made no sense to try to be something I was not. The living things I am good at nurturing are people and selective pets. I think I understand them. I am clueless about plants, even though I once, as wa

Double Helix

It’s a new year and most everything is new for me with Wade’s sudden death on December 31st. One minute we were nursing the pain in his neck and shoulder; then in the next few minutes, he was gone. I am writing this on my 28th day without him. I think I will be counting days for quite a while. There will be a book about all of this. However, my inner voice said write this post, now. Wade's passing is the catalyst, my granddaughter, Nora, the inspiration. On day 23, I slept overnight with her so my daughter could leave early for a meeting at work the next day. I would get Nora ready for school in the morning. Double helix is the description of the structure of a DNA molecule. A DNA molecule c

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